Brave irene writing activities

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Brave irene writing activities

Markers Procedure Hang a large piece of chart paper where the children can see it. Draw a circle in the center with Irene written inside it. Show the children the book Brave Irene and tell them that you want them to think about the things that she does in the story as you read.

Read the first three pages of the story and stop and ask the children to tell you some of the things Irene did. You might model the first few: She helped her mother get into bed and tucked her in.

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She brought her mother tea with lemon and honey. She carefully packed the dress in a box. She kissed her mother and made sure she was tucked in snugly. After modeling a few, let the children tell you a few things about Irene and write them on the chart.

Then continue reading and stopping every few pages to list more things on your chart. Finally, stop at the part where Irene falls in the snow with only her hat and hands sticking out and considers giving up. Ask the children to look at the things they have written about Irene. What do they think Irene will do?

Explain how they can use what they already know about Irene that she kept going even though it was cold and she could hardly walk in the wind and that she kept going when she hurt her ankle to predict what she might do now.

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Does she seem like the type of person that would just quit? Or is she likely to find a way to carry on? Finish reading the book and add to your character map. Then look at the things you wrote on the chart. All of the things she did to help take of her mother show that she was thoughtful and kind.

The way the handles the adversity she faced on the way to the palace showed that she was brave and determined. Extension Continue to work on character mapping your students.

You may want to do a few more read alouds or practice in your guided reading groups or literature circles. Here are a few book ideas for character mapping. Seuss Inferring Word Meaning We use many types of clues to infer the meaning of unfamiliar words when we read.

Use Brave Irene to model and practice this skill with your students.o Tell students that this week we are going to be reading a story titled, Brave Irene.

This story is about a little girl, Irene, who makes a long trip through a treacherous snowstorm in order to deliver a gown to a duchess at the palace. These Brave Irene lesson plans will really help boost your students' reading comprehension skills.

First and second grade students will really benefit from these lessons on character mapping and inferring word meanings using William Steig's book, Brave Irene. The End of a Long Journey NI to VDL posted in Norfolk Islanders on-going interests - 22/09/, The End of a Long Journey (C) Irene Schaffer.

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The focus of the lesson is on refining students' abilities to plan for characters in a story; for that reason, you may want your students to be working on a narrative or to have brainstormed ideas for a story in their writing journals.

We have read Sheila Rae the Brave, Brave Irene, The Story of Ruby Bridges, and Owl Moon.

brave irene writing activities

The last book in the text set is called The story of Jumping Mouse. It is a Native American folk tale that takes the reader on a journey following a mouse who is selfless and brave. This Read It Up creation is designed to accompany the book Brave Irene and is an all inclusive resource.

The activities in this reading resource allow students to build literacy and comprehension skills. Students will work on sequencing, text-to-self connections, character traits, writing, vocabulary, predictions, visualizing, personification and more!

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