Ceci balagot girl meets world

Isadora Smackle is a recurring character in Girl Meets World.

Ceci balagot girl meets world

Ceci balagot girl meets world

When she got the call that she was to guest star as the quirky, intelligent, confident Smackle on the Boy Meets World spin-off, she was thrilled beyond words and repressed the urge to cheer loudly she was standing outside of math class when she heard the news.

Though she said she always gets excited no matter what job it is, this particular opportunity held special meaning for her.

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Originally, Smackle was only supposed to appear in one episode, but the writers decided to continue her character arc and wrote her into the next episode. Ceci missed two consecutive weeks of school. It was her family that instilled a love for all things acting and musical theater.

My grandpa was into it. One musical in particular sparked a flame that would never go out—Ceci and her two brothers were obsessed with Peter Pan.

They would build their own sets and don costumes, playing pretend in the living room. They were really welcoming as soon as I got there.

His favorite show is Matilda and he lives for Broadway. Her time at OCSA impacted her musical theater goals and opened her eyes to the intricacies of the world she lives and breathes. She also plays the guitar and performs at gigs in Orange County.

Her advice to aspiring actors? To be fearless and tenacious. This is what I want to do the rest of my life—I love it so much. Remember you can always improve… If you really want to do it, really go do it. I want people to love it as much as I do. Related Arts and Entertainment News Tagged.Interview with Girl Meets World’s Smackle: Ceci Balagot.

Rowan Blanchard, Ceci Balagot, Sabrina Carpenter (Casts of ‘Girl Meets World’) (Picture Credit: Ceci’s twitter a/c). Cassandra Hsiao. Los Angeles Times High School Insider. I'm so sad if u didn't know gmw got cancelled this week I loved this show it taught me all about life and because of it I know more about the world than my fiends.

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I always loved her, she sparked (Jumble viewing, again, I had no progression) Originally Posted by Renata M. (View Post) Sometimes I don't like when. Yeah, it is probably the budget.

But I’m especially sorry Smackle was excluded from Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York though. I read somewhere on tumblr that Ceci is Filipino by background (haven’t fact checked, so dunno if it’s true), so her exploring her heritage could have been interesting.

[caption id="attachment_" align="aligncenter" width=""] Rowan Blanchard, Ceci Balagot, Sabrina Carpenter (Casts of 'Girl Meets World') (Picture Credit.

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