Challenges nurses face in healthcare essay

Even though they don't provide medical treatment, they help make decisions concerning disease prevention and health care demands. Health care administrators face challenges related to their own workload and those caused by outside forces, often beyond the scope and control of their position. Long Work Hours Health care administrators must work long hours to create policies that ensure the best patient care possible, while supporting health care provider needs and medical insurance provider demands.

Challenges nurses face in healthcare essay

If you are considering a career in hospital administration, take note of how these three challenges may affect you: In short, the more Medicaid and Medicare clients a hospital sees, the less money they take in. These financial challenges make it substantively difficult for hospital administrators to provide medical services to an aging populace who rely on Medicare and Medicaid to address their healthcare needs.

In order to grapple with the challenge, hospital administrators are left with the challenge of finding ways to offset the expenses of their patients while simultaneously expanding their healthcare services in order to serve more people in need of medical attention.

Changes in Pay Structure Just as hospital administrators have to grapple with the challenges presented by the prevalence of Medicare and Medicaid, changes in pay structure also present unique problems that healthcare professionals must address.

Challenges nurses face in healthcare essay

Although the pay per service model of payment was once prevalent, it has grown outdated. Hospital administrators hope that these additions to the traditional health care setting will justify increased fees as they facilitate the well-being of patients. Shortage of Healthcare Professionals In this contemporary era, there is a shortage of healthcare professionals.

At this point, the healthcare industry is expected to grow more than twice as fast as any other industry each year. In light of these realities, hospital administrators are faced with the task of figuring out how to acquire a sufficient quantity of quality employees.

Moreover, healthcare professionals are now expecting to earn higher salaries in order to pay off their student loans. This means that hospital administrators must also figure out how to pay new hires more.

Conclusion If you are interested in pursuing a career as a hospital administrator, you should know that doing so can be very advantageous. At the same time, however, you should note that becoming a hospital administrator can entail a variety of challenges.

In recognizing what these challenges are, you can determine whether or not hospital administration is the correct career field for you to pursue. Leave a Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Critical Issues for Healthcare Organizations practitioner’s view section discusses some challenges that ethics committees face because of financial concerns, technology demands, and scrutiny in end- healthcare system, preservation of human resources, the definition of health.

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Challenges Of Implementing Evidence Based Practice Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. It is a critical aspect in EBP which is used to health nurses and other healthcare practitioners to make the best appropriate clinical decision that will result to least health effects on the patient.

EBP decision making process need to be based on. Health administrators face ethical challenges.

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Some patients refuse to comply with a doctor’s orders, demand to have life-support terminated despite family wishes, and expect extensive care even if they have terminal illnesses, reports lead faculty member Alex Kadrie from the heath administration program at the University of Phoenix.

Five Ethical Challenges in Healthcare. By Susan Kreimer, MS, contributor. July 7, - Providing good patient care and avoiding harm are the cornerstones of ethical practice. Healthcare workers want to do the right thing, but it . A new publication, Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries, identifies four key challenges faced by the public health sector in the developing world: the transformation of epidemiology, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the emergence of new diseases, and high sanitation imbalances among countries.

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