Comprehensive essay on terrorism

February 18, More than two years after American troops left Iraq, with violent extremist groups such as al Qaeda resurgent, Iraq accepts that it is our responsibility to defeat them militarily, to isolate them politically, and to create the social and economic conditions that will deny them any local support in the future. The terrorism we face is transnational in nature, and defeating it will require international collaboration, including a strong partnership between the United States and Iraq. As President Barack Obama emphasized in his State of the Union address, we need to work together as partners to "disrupt and disable" terrorist networks.

Comprehensive essay on terrorism

From Stovepipes to a Comprehensive Approach by Ronald Crelinsten Abstract This article moves beyond the boundaries that limit counterterrorism discourse and practice to present a more comprehensive approach.

In a world where distinctions are blurring between internal and external security, international and domestic jurisdictions, and state and non-state actors, it is important to cast our eyes wide in developing an effective approach to counterterrorism that can apply across a broad variety of policy domains and can outlive the electoral horizon of individual governments.

A discussion of five approaches to counterterrorism leads to the identification of thirteen different models which, taken together, can point the way towards a comprehensive approach.

Policy discourse has been dominated by emotional and Comprehensive essay on terrorism debates about the very fundamentals of democratic life as they relate to the nature of the terrorist threat and how to deal with it.

The criminal justice and war models are both coercive approaches, and largely ignore other ways of dealing with terrorism. Elsewhere, I singled out five different approaches to counterterrorism: In this article, I shall survey the wide variety of models that emerge when all five approaches are taken into consideration.

Strict limits are placed on who can be subjected to state violence. These restrictions form the basis of the legitimacy bestowed upon the state by the rule of law, whether national or international.

Comprehensive essay on terrorism

Without legally mandated restrictions on the use of state violence, the exercise of violence by state agents such as the police or the military would itself be criminal, violating either domestic criminal law or international law.

When state agents acting in the name of counterterrorism consistently contravene the rule of law or the laws of war with impunity, using their coercive powers in ways that create a reign Comprehensive essay on terrorism terror that is sanctioned by the state, then they have become state terrorists, mirroring the behaviour of the terrorists they are fighting.

The Criminal Justice Model. A criminal justice approach treats acts of terrorism as crime. If one considers the most common terrorist tactics, such as kidnapping, assassination, bombing and armed attacks, the end result is usually the infliction of injury or loss of life or the destruction of property, all of which are universally proscribed in the criminal law of all nations.

Treating terrorism as ordinary crime—rather than as a special offence requiring special procedures or punishments—has a delegitimatizing effect on the terrorists.

By criminalising the acts that terrorists commit, emphasis is placed on their criminal nature and not on their political or ideological motive.

All this changed after the attacks of 11 September Offences have included committing terrorist acts or committing acts for terrorist purposes, as well as membership in a terrorist organisation and providing material support for terrorism, such as money, weapons or technical expertise, and recruitment.

The creation of speech offences has also increased. UN Security Council Resolution calls for Member States to take steps aimed at prohibiting by law and preventing incitement to commit terrorist acts. The glorification of terrorism has become an offence in several countries, such as the UK and Spain.

The criminal justice model relies on a complex bureaucracy with strict rules of governance and many interacting institutions, with their own traditions, culture and language.

It can be slow and ponderous, with appeals stretching the process out for years. For some, the model seems to favour the terrorist, especially over the victim. While the criminal justice model can achieve some important goals in terms of deterrence, retribution, education, incapacitation and rehabilitation, these benefits are largely dependent upon how the system is used, how fair it is seen to be used by others, and how committed individuals are to terrorist violence either as a means to other goals or as an end in itself.

The war model of counterterrorism treats terrorism as if it were an act of war or insurgency.

Comprehensive essay on terrorism

Because wars are usually fought between states, countering terrorism within a war model implies that the terrorist group represents the equivalent of a state.

Treating terrorism as war therefore tends to credit the terrorist with the status of equal partner in a zero-sum conflict. Although the central element of the war model is the use of maximal force, designed to overpower the enemy, the conduct of war does not occur in a legal vacuum.

The laws of war lay down rules for how wars should be fought and how noncombatants should be treated. The Geneva Conventions represent a kind of trade-off that legitimizes killing or detention without trial in time of war, as long as it is directed at overpowering an enemy combatant.

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The trade-off is that once a combatant is captured and disarmed, or gives up and abandons the fight, he must be accorded humane treatment, protection and care.

In a war model of counterterrorism, success tends to be defined in terms of victory or defeat. If the struggle is a protracted one, even spanning generations, then counterterrorism efforts must be maintained as long as a state of war exists. The war model is considered quick, effective and ideally suited to the new kinds of threat posed by decentralized, ideologically driven terrorist networks whose adherents are not deterred by traditional criminal justice or contained by traditional military power.

It places great value on the remarkable things that science and technology can achieve.

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Examples include remote sensing, satellite imagery, spy drones, missile technology, smart bombs and other sophisticated weaponry, as well as facial recognition and other biometrics. Since Barack Obama became President inthe military dimensions of counterterrorism policy have expanded further to include a formally authorised system of intelligence-led drone strikes and targeted assassinations.

As in just war theory, the use of force can be justified under certain strict conditions. Proactive Counterterrorism Proactive counterterrorism aims to prevent terrorism before it happens. Through the merging of internal and external security, the mandates of domestic police, security intelligence agencies, and border and customs officials have all coalesced around the problem of tracking the movement of people, goods and money.

Through intrusive techniques involving surveillance, wiretapping, eavesdropping and other means of spycraft, agents of all stripes have devoted their energies more and more to stopping terrorists before they act and thwarting terrorist plots before they develop too far.Essay on “Global Terrorism- The Fight Against Terrorism” Complete Essay for Class 10 and Class 12 NOTES.

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Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat [Jeffrey D.

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Simon, Brian Michael Jenkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From Anders Breivik in Norway, who murdered scores of young people in a bombing and mass-shooting attack, to Omar Mateen. Argumentative Essay Topics From Team At Essay Basics Click To See Examples Of Argumentative Writing.

When it comes to essay writing professors usually supply students with topics to write heartoftexashop.comr, there are cases when . Terrorism has clearly changed since then: See the list below for various definitions of terrorism and take note of not only the inclusions, but also the possible exclusions within each definition.

Notice, for instance, the specificity of the language within each U.S. definition: words like "premeditated", "political or social objectives", and.

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