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Crest 4p s

The only other attempt at the unconventional steam engine with which the L. The project was sponsored in this country by the Superheater Co. Fully described in the technical press the marvel in looking back is that anyone thought that so complex an assembly of what was virtually three boilers in the space of one, could be made to work.

Even if it did, the feeding of steam at lbs. Nevertheless the concept had appealed to a wider field and similar boilers, in addition to the original German one, were fitted to locomotives in France and Canada. Alas, in the first three weeks, while the engine was still running its first trials adjacent to the Glasgow works, one of the vertical tubes lining the firebox side overheated and burst, due to defective Crest 4p s water circulation, killing an inspector.

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This ill-omened beginning was followed by much investigation and partial rebuilding of the boiler, so that the machine could eventually be brought to Derby, and testing continued.

It was never entered into revenue service, however, because the boiler feed arrangements, having to deliver against so high a pressure, never permitted a reliable water level to be maintained. After a long period of idleness it made one last demonstration run after Stanier's advent, with no greater success.

The chassis was eventually used as the basis of the first tapered boiler Royal Scot, No. The Schmidt high pressure locomotive and its influence on American and European locomotive design.

Crest 4p s

Lea of Sheffield University reported on the boiler failure which took place at Carstairs. Le Fleming, Hugh M. International locomotives, Plate 76 Painted grey: Unconventional forms of motive power in Ransome-Wallis, P. The concise encyclopaedia of world railway locomotives.

Discussion on Gresley, H. Engrs, pp Stenning gave some details of the stress effects experienced in the boiler, due to excessive temperatures. Rly Obsr,33, Includes brief notes on Fury.

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A breath of steam. This was followed by the incursion of Class 6 No Fury at the depot. The trials were conducted on Sundays from Derby on the main line to London. I do not know whether it was the intention to project them beyond Wellingborough, but the first one certainly terminated there when the feed pump which fed the high pressure drum failed in the vicinity.

On the following day, Frank S. Pepper visited the depot to examine the offending pump; he was experimental draughtsman in the locomotive drawing office at Derby and seasoned in the wiles of the locomotive, as he had been on the footplate when the fatality occurred at Carstairs.

I was scraping a regulator valve at a nearby bench when Pepper, an extremely agile man, jumped from the footframing at the side of the boiler to the floor. In so doing he caught the ring on the third finger of his right hand in a split pin securing one of the joint pins of the indicator gear, stripping the flesh down to the second joint.

The coppersmith rendered first aid, but Pepper declined the assistance of the wheeled litter which was the pride of the shed and suitably accompanied made his way to the cottage hospital, where the finger was amputated under a local anaesthetic. By this time the engine was beginning to earn an unenviable reputation; quite apart from its poor performance, it was viewed with a wary eye by all who had to do with it.

On its 'next trial, which was to terminate at Wellingborough, I was brought on specially to uncouple the engine from the tender should it be found impossible to turn both together in No 1 shed's 55ft turntable.

I did, however, succeed in turning it in one piece. It was then recoupled to the dynamometer car ready for return to Derby, under the eye of Herbert Chambers, the Chief Locomotive Draughtsman at Derby.

He chatted cordially about this highly unconventional locomotive, about which I had read so much. Suddenly there was a loud bang.Real-World Education for Modern Marketers Join Over , Marketing Professionals. Start here! 4p Study Of Colgate Toothpaste Posted by MonMark Group on 12/20/ at PM Member.

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