Essay about shoes

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Essay about shoes

Jensen Shoes, is a well established footwear marketing company, with a reputation for employee welfare. The company has enjoyed a highly profitable position for many years but due to static sales growth in the casual wear division, executive management decided to develop a major marketing strategy over the next six months.

The executive management charged Sally Briggs with developing this strategy, she then in turn assigned Chuck Taylor the project. Each was assigned a market to develop. Jane Kravitz was assigned casual wear and her strategic performance objectives s. Jane Kravitz divided her s.

This assignment examines the conflict between a manager Jane Kravitz and an employee Lyndon Twitchellboth of whom are responsible for preparing a comprehensive marketing plan for the Latino and African-American markets, as part of the overall marketing strategy for the casual footwear market.

Twitchell and his team failed to complete their s. At a meeting with Chuck Taylor, Twitchell learns he is to work for Jane Kravitz and will not be bringing his team with him, but rather will be working as part of her team. After this meeting Twitchell feels he has received little or no feedback from Taylor and also that he is being singled out for failing to achieve his s.

Twitchell welcomes the opportunity to work with Jane Kravitz and her team and to prove himself in another area. Following a meeting with Kravitz, Twitchell is very disappointed to have been assigned to ethnic Latino and African-American markets again.

Twitchell is confused with the feedback he receives for the Environmental Project, as Kravitz praises him and Taylor is critical of him. Jane Kravitz the manager is well respected with twelve years experience as a manager.

She is excited about the re-organisation and considers it important to further develop her career.

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She is happy to have this new team working for her, and thinks that it is the perfect mix for the assignment given. Chuck Taylor picks her new team for her and Lyndon Twitchell is placed on her team. After assessing each of her team members at meetings she assigns each team member the two s.

However, following his assignment to the ethnic vertical markets Twitchell starts to raise concerns about time frames for his Special Environmental Project as well as the two s. Kravitz helps Twitchell with his Special project and when it is completed is highly impressed.

She goes overboard with praise, however Taylor is less than happy with all the time spent on the special project and is concerned with the remaining time for the two s.

Essay about shoes

When Kravitz raises these concerns with Twitchell she is met with vague responses and a lack of concern for the ever-nearing deadline. The working relationship between Kravitz and Twitchell deteriorates considerably when Twitchell suggests a weeklong trip away but Kravitz cannot see any benefits given the lack of time left before the deadline.View Essay - The White Shoes Essay from ENGL at Georgia State University, Perimeter College.

Essay about shoes

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