Foreign aid as an instrument for poverty reduction

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Foreign aid as an instrument for poverty reduction

Social Protection: An Instrument for Poverty Reduction and Social Cohesion

Many Times in recent history one country has persecuted or attacked, even befriended and shielded another country based on a perceived excess or lack of "Democracy". These comparissions to the elusive and imprecise notion of "Democracy" have proved imperfect and malleable to say the least.

The DALT Equation endeavors to quantify many indicators of a high quality, prosperous life and evaluate these factors as they relate to the political system that governs them. The DALT equation recognizes that the benchmarks of a full and happy life, governed by a benevolent political instrument, are not clearly evident, by a primary and superficial examination of a country's political system.

Thusly, the DALT equation seeks to numericly and accurately quantify these many variables, to produce a series of numerical values that can be measured and compared quickly and efficiently to avoid the syntaxial ambiguities and imperfect descriptions associated with the word "democracy" and its close alliterations.

In a modern global economy, with all of its assets and resources, if there is one poor man, then we are all truly poor. If a functional and humanity conscious government is cast off, for sheer empty rhetoric, then no man is completely free. If this same government is driven to extinction, only to be replaced by one less competent, less honest and less humane, then all the world is still effectively oppressed.

Let us all strive to avoid these sad outcomes. Please note before we go forth with the actual DALT instrument, that there has not been actual math applied to this equation.

The DALT equation is still only in its infancy and will need input from multiple parties to bring it to its most effective future state.

Efficiency questions

Please also note, that for the DALT equation to be valid and accurate, it must be administered to a portion of a population that is sufficiently diverse enough for the equation to properly represent all of a countries citizens. Proper ethics must be used in the collection of DALT responses, or the DALT equation will become another useless piece of propaganda to be wielded by the haves, to control the have nots.

Now on to the actual questions of this instrument. What one man may consider rich, could only be survival to another.

You will answer the questions as you see fit. They are designed to be timly and appropriate and as scientific as I could make them. However, I will introduce this personal bias. Just because your country's government is elected with votes, doesn't make your leaders honest, it doesn't even make them competent.

Just because your coutry is run by a King, doesn't mean you will have no rights, or even a bad life. You see, in my opinion "democracy" is just a word.

Words are cheap, it is the end of the day results that count. They people of a country are the in the best position to feel and see these results, or lack of them.

When I am asked to give my opinion of a leader or a government, I use the condition of the people relative to the peoples available assets to judge the credibility and talents of a given leader.

For a signifigant world power to fling accusations ,or give accolades on less than tangible, measurable, honestly acquired scientific data is not only incompetent, it is cruel, selfish, and in some cases downright criminal.

You now have my opinion, so give me yours. Did your leader "sell his people out"? If your president is voted out of office, defeated, would he resign professionally in a proper manner? Ie- monarchy, dictatorship, anarchy, democracy, failing corrupt democracy, true effective democracy, bad king, good king etc?

Foreign aid as an instrument for poverty reduction

Happiness- Happiness means many things to many people, but perhaps we can all agree that happiness can be sometimes described as a joy of living. If you can imagine all of the days of your life on a giant calander, how many days would have sad faces drawn onto them, how many days would only have check marks, and how many days would have honestly drawn happy smiles on them.

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Happiness should be the goal of all peoples and all nations, above wealth and democracy, above productivity and quality, but happiness cannot be attained as a singular goal itself, it is dependent on many factors to enable it. I will try to include some questions that indicate whether a man is happy or not, and for what portion of his life.

The DALT equation recognizes that during a mans lifetime he may live under many different governments, perhaps in different countries, so my questions will be Administration specific, meaning they will be constructed to evaluate a societies overall happiness in relation to the present government.

Quality-- What defines quality of life, is it the monetary value of your possessions, or perhaps the number of satisfying moments you have? Is it your peace at home, or your physical surroundings? Here are some questions to try to identify what your quality of life is. It is intended for a this instrument to be administered in accordance with fair and scientific survey techniques.Musical instruments Video games & consoles Noise Reduction Machine Oxygen Equipment Robotics Scrubber Spreader Tractor Trash Compactor Welding System.

Development of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) by Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) as an Instrument for Poverty Reduction.

Foreign aid as an instrument for poverty reduction

Gina Noviana Yuniar * STIE EKUITAS, Bandung – Indonesia. ABSTRACT. MSME is a sector that plays an important role in economic development in Indonesia, seen from the significant contribution in employment.

Poverty reduction targets were a feature of the US Clinton administration's welfare policy, and more recently, both the UK and Irish governments have adopted the reduction and abolition of child poverty as a key policy objective.

Is Foreign Aid Effective in Reducing Poverty?⁄ Tohru Nakamurayand Malcolm F.

Remittances in Mexico: Instrument for Poverty Reduction? - CORE

McPhersonz August 9, Abstract This paper examines the relationship between foreign aid and poverty reduction using cross-sectional and panel data. We disaggregate foreign aid and use several of poverty indexes.

We show that while real per. This debate includes the ir/relevance of development ‘dead’ aid in poverty reduction. I conclude by challenging various stakeholders to listen and respond to this single rhythmic song, which is a vehicle for poverty reduction among people with disabilities in Africa and other Global South nations that regards ratification of the UNCRPD as a means to receiving more ‘aid’.

deals with the problem of remittances sent by Mexican migrants from USA to their families and their potential impact on poverty reduction. Remittances represent the second largest source of external finances for Mexico- right after revenues from oil exports.

They even exceed incomes from tourism and foreign direct investments.

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