How to write an obituary

Influence on his or her community Obituary Example Writing a great obituary is very similar to writing a eulogy. In both cases, you want to convey who the deceased was a person, what made them unique, how they influenced others, and highlight their personal and professional accomplishments. An excellent example of this is the New York Times obituary written for legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams written by Dave Itzkoff. The obituary that was published is quite lengthy and can be read in full here.

How to write an obituary

Home life Special pets Traditionally, families do not include cause of death in the obituary notice.

how to write an obituary

However, many modern obituaries contain this information, particularly after a sudden, unexpected death, or when the deceased publicly battled an illness, such as cancer.

The decision to include cause of how to write an obituary is personal, and should be made by those who were closest to the deceased person. Make it personal Your loved one was unique. Think about the things that made them special, and include the touching details that your reader might like to know about your loved one.

This is your chance to memorialize your loved one and let others know the whole person. Include interesting tidbits, something the reader might not have known about your loved one—and don't be afraid to include humor. Sharing little known facts about your loved one with family and friends gives them something to smile about and lasting memories to cherish.

You will need a eulogy for the funeral service and this draft can serve that purpose as well. The longer version can be read at the funeral and a shorter version can be used for the obituary.

Kids write spiteful obituary for mom who abandoned them and ran away with their uncle

Proofread and edit Once the initial draft is written, be sure to proof your work and have someone else check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you spell names correctly and don't leave out family members or other important details.

At this time, you can decide if you want to shorten what you've written and possibly keep the longer version for a bulletin insert or for the pastor to read at the funeral.

Some funeral homes include a basic obituary as part of the package. If so, check with them to see what their word limit is, or if there is one. If the newspaper charges by column inch, you might want to call and find out how many words make up a column inch so you will have an idea of what price you are looking at.

Then you can edit accordingly. Delegate If all the above seems overwhelming or you just don't feel up to it—delegate! Writing the obituary shouldn't be a stressful time.

If you don't feel up to it or you aren't confident in your writing ability, pass the task on to someone who enjoys writing or that is good at writing letters.

Short Obituary Writing Sample Template

You can provide them with the information, make suggestions, and they can take notes. Make this easy on yourself. Don't feel guilty about passing the task along if you are not up to it. Friends and family are glad to help in times of need.

Submit to the newspaper In order to ensure that the obituary reaches the paper without errors, check with the paper to determine the best way to submit the obituary. Oftentimes, the newspaper will allow you to submit the obituary online or via email.

You can also ask for a proof of the obituary before it is printed so you can ensure there are no errors or omissions.Here are a Few Steps on how to write an Obituary: > The Death must be Announced This point describes the information about the death of the decedent.

This normally includes the name of the deceased, their age when they passed away, the date on which they died, where they died and how they Notices.

The following sections are excerpts from the obituary and serve as excellent examples of how to write an obituary.

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Mr. Williams, as a boy, hardly fit the stereotype of someone who would grow to become a brainy comedian, or a goofy one, but he was both.

Sample Obituary Asking for Donations. White, Joyce Karen. Joyce Karen White, 67, of Dayton, OH. passed away at the Miami Valley Hospital on April 30th, When you lose someone close to you – particularly if he or she was a known figure in your community and/or beyond – you may be asked to write an obituary.

Valuable advice on crafting an obit for a loved one – or yourself – by a professional obituary writer. The death is just the beginning of your story.

Obituary Template & Obituary Sample Format Use this section as an outline, checklist, sample format, or template to writing an obituary. The following headings are meant as .

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