Kamarajar life history

His father, Kumarswamy Nader, was a coconut merchant. Kamaraj was enrolled at the local elementary school, the Nayanar Vidyalaya but was later shifted to the high school Kshatriya Vidyalaya.

Kamarajar life history

I very much want this film to create a righteous anger in the minds of the people against the malpractices our political parties indulge in.

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We must go to the polling booth with the same vigour and sense of purpose as we go to fight for water. That will ring the death knell of unethical practices.

This will also induce all the parties to change themselves. I will be happy if this happens He has been and is a whole-time politician and has laboured to acquire personal knowledge of men and things all over the Tamil country and he knows all the leaders of his party from every part of India.

He has also acquired facility in English and very considerable knowledge of world affairs. He is immensely popular for all these reasons and especially because he has no vices and leads a simple life.

Above all he is the 'representative' Tamil as most Tamils imagine that figure. The political career of Kumaraswamy Kamaraj spanning about 50 years, cutting across the colonial and post-independent phases, of Indian history, is indeed an enviable record.

Representing a novel political culture neither bordering on Gandhian thought and action nor possessing the anglicised sophistication and cosmopolitanism of the Nehruvian vision, Kamaraj, rose from an underprivileged background, stood forth as a sober and robust figure winning the confidence and respect of the common people.

He showed a rare political acumen and the uncanny ability to grasp social and political realities from the grass roots level upwards. A hard core political realist, his political life was never governed by any high theories or fancy jargon.

Accredited with the capacity to be at ease with cliques, groups, factions and castes, Kamaraj applied his energies in favour of common people.

Endowed with an extraordinary memory, his minimal formal schooling! In fact rarely could a man from such a humble origin possess such knowledge about Tamil Nadu, be it geography or ethnography, which is beyond most intellectuals and academicians. Kamaraj rose from the lowest Congress ranks during the freedom struggle to become the president of the Tamil Nadu Congress Party for over 20 years interspersed by short intervals, the chief minister of Madras for nine years; and, as the president of the Indian National Congresshe assumed the crucial role of 'kingmaker'.

Kamaraj's ascendancy is all the more significant because he belonged to the low caste Nadar community, 1 which had a long history of struggle against social oppression and economic deprivation. The Nadars, originally known as Shanars, were found principally in the two southern districts of Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari.

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Palmyra climbing and toddy tapping were their traditional occupations. In the Hindu caste hierarchy the Nadars were ranked very low just above the untouchables and were forbidden entry into temples because of their association with alcohol. Mercantilism and Christianity played crucial roles in facilitating their upward mobility.

Within a span of two centuries, they rose from near untouchability to a position of social and economic power. Though Kamaraj typified the Nadar success story he never was a leader of his community 2 and transcended the bounds of Nadar caste identity 3 dropping the caste title early in his political career.

Hailing from Virudhupatti now Virudhunagarone of the early settlements of migrant Nadars, Kamaraj, born in into an ordinary small scale Nadar business family, was a school dropout at the age of 11 and for a number of years never had steady and proper employment.

Kumaraswamy Kamaraj evinced interest in politics at the age of 15 when the news of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre reached his ears. Responding to the call of Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement, Kamaraj entered the freedom struggle as a Congress volunteer organising meetings, processions and demonstrations.

He soon found an abiding place for himself in the Congress ranks as a gritty grass roots level, full-time worker and mass leader of the Congress; and he was imprisoned a number of times for actively participating in the freedom struggle.


He spent a total of eight years in British Indian jails during six spells of imprisonment. When the Brahmin dominance in the Tamil Nadu Congress leadership 4 was firmly entrenched and the rivalry between the two key Brahmin leaders, C Rajagopalachari and S Satyamurthi, was brewing, Kamaraj wove his way into the top echelons of the Tamil Nadu Congress organisation as the representative of the non-Brahmin enclave.

The 'Brahmin image' 5 of the Congress found its affirmation at the hands of Rajaji when he introduced compulsory Hindi in schools in when he was the chief minister.K.

Kamaraj was an Indian politician and statesman who played an important role in pre and post-Independent politics in India. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, political career and heartoftexashop.com Of Birth: Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, India. Kamarajar had no family and his generation ended with him, besides his personal life he shown interest in public life and sacrificed his life for the improvement of poor people and the country.

Kamarajar Life Story / Description Here is an app about one of the great Tamil leader, who once was a real king maker in India, respectable Kamarajar, former chief minister of Tamilnadu, under whom the education in our state flourished well. Thus Kamarajar realised the importance of education and its significant nature and uses in the later life of every heartoftexashop.com enhanced people and removed the differences that arise on the basis of status and heartoftexashop.com great person died on october 2, on the day were Gandhiji was born/5().

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Kamarajar life history

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