Lyme the silent killer

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Lyme the silent killer

These diseases disguise their warning signs. They are characterized by subtle symptoms that often go undetected or unnoticed. If too much time passes without treating the disease, it may cause serious complications or sometimes death.

Chances are high that people may be living with such dangerous diseases without knowing it. Also, you should have regular medical checkups with your doctor, so that unexplained or vague symptoms can be diagnosed early and possibly save your life. Advertisements Here are 10 silent killer diseases you must know.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCabout 70 million American adults, which means 1 out of every 3 adults, have high blood pressure. Advertisements High blood pressure is usually associated with stress, smoking, high salt intake, anxiety, excessive drinking, and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Other contributing factors include obesity, genetic factors, use of birth control pills or pain relievers, kidney disease and adrenal disease. Advertisements Usually, high blood pressure does not present noticeable symptoms.

In some cases, it may cause headaches, shortness of breath Lyme the silent killer nosebleeds, but these symptoms occur when the blood pressure reading is extremely high. If ignored, high blood pressure may lead to heart disease or even strokes. The only way to identify it is to regularly measure your blood pressure, either on your own at home or by a doctor.

If you find the numbers are too high, start taking steps to control it. Blood pressure can be measured by a blood pressure monitor, also called a sphygmomanometer.

Diabetes Diabetes is a condition that requires constant monitoring. There are two types of diabetes.

Lyme the silent killer

In Type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce any insulin. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which your body is unable to make enough insulin, or cannot use it properly. According to the International Diabetes Federation, an estimated million people worldwide have diabetes and 1 in 2 people do not even know that they have it.

Advertisements This is why diabetes is considered a silent killer. Some common symptoms include excessive thirst, hunger, sudden weight loss, frequent urination, tiredness, slow-healing sores or cuts, and blurry vision.

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Forum Information After decades studying tick-borne diseases as an ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York, Ostfeld has been bitten more than times, and his body now reacts to tick saliva with an intense burning sensation.
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The exact cause of diabetes is not known. However, genetics, obesity, a poor diet and lack of exercise appear to play important roles in developing this disease.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a variety of serious complications. These include heart disease, kidney disease, limb amputation, strokes, and vision loss.

If you have a high risk of developing diabetes and notice any of the common symptoms, get your blood glucose levels checked. When diagnosed with diabetes, treatment may include taking insulin or other medications.

Too much plaque buildup narrows the arteries over time, which could partially or totally block the blood flow throughout your body. Over a period of time, CAD can also weaken your heart muscle, leading to heart failure. Advertisements Major risk factors for CAD include obesity or being overweight, a family history of heart disease, a poor diet, smoking and lack of physical activity.

As CAD does not cause any immediate signs and symptoms, it can go unnoticed until you have a heart attack. Opt for regular health checkups for timely diagnosis.

Eat a diet low in sodium and fat, avoid smoking, exercise regularly and take medications after consulting your doctor to reduce your risk of CAD or other heart conditions.Jan 27,  · Watch video · Lyme disease affects thousands of sufferers across the world - all from the bite of a tick - but it's not a disease discussed Felicity Thistlethwaite.

For the first time (), cancer has surpassed heart disease as the top killer of Americans under.. Teaspoons of Sugar Number of Bacteria Destroyed Autoimmune Diseases (Crohns, “Up The Creek [PDF] When Ninjas Attack: A Survival Guide For Defending Yourself Against The Silent The promise of low dose naltrexone therapy.

Kidney disease is known as a “silent” killer as kidney function deterioration can happen quietly over time. Symptoms of kidney failure to watch out for include: People with Lyme maybe taking many things to kill the Lyme which may hurt the kidneys also.

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This was followed by a day w/ the sensation of air blowing in and around my ear. Now things have been fine for a few weeks. Anyway, these weird sensations are very annoying. Just had an echolcardiogram, so it's apparently nothing to do w/ my heart. Heart disease hypertension and diabetes are major silent killer probiotics after h pylori low t4 free levels symptoms hoarseness pneumonia treatment throat lump In a report of patients with CSF-confirmed European Lyme disease with CNS symptoms 50% of 14 patients had abnormal CT findings most commonly hypodense areas corresponding with.

Men are more than twice as likely to be infected with the disease, known as the “silent killer”, as women. It is transmitted by infected blood and people who share needles are particularly at risk.

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