Mac os x defaults write array to csv

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Mac os x defaults write array to csv

Fixed issue which was preventing loading of extremely large time-series. Added 'Sync to iPad' in the Options menu. Added '-k' option to command-line 'mango' which will quit the application immediately.

Added 'Keyboard Reference' to the Help menu. Other minor bug fixes and enhancements. Fixed an issue when switching to radiological mode, in which the orientation markers would not update until the application was restarted. Command-line utility 'mango' now contains option -q to quit currently running instance.

Removed limit on number of threads used in surface building on bit platform. Fixed issue with overlays not being painted in correct position initially if transform is being used.

Loaded overlays are now added to surface when surface is loaded from file. Overlay parameters can be controlled via the toolbox. Surface files can now be opened directly from the open dialog and need not be associated with a slice viewer. It is recommended that new surface files be saved for full compatibility with this feature.

Any image file can now be loaded as an ROI. Added 'Load as ROI' button to image browser. Click here to see a video tutorial of the new ROI format. See preferences to select between radiological and neurological display modes.

Better support for dual-displays: Better support for bit Java in Windows and Linux. Preferences performance tab now contains an option to select between 32 and bit mode for Mango operation.

Pressing shift while hovering over a surface line will now show a third point which can be grabbed and dragged to define the surface line's cut plane. Slice views can now be panned by command-clicking or right-clicking and dragging. Zoomed slice views no longer auto-adjust when changing the current coordinate.

All three slice views now react when one is zoomed or panned. Zoom amount is displayed in title bar. Axial slices can be incremented with the single-quote button up and forward slash button down.

This mimics the functionality of 'page up' and 'page down': Fixed issues when combining transforms and some surface viewer features e. Fixed bug causing image offset to not be updated correctly when saving in some cases.

Console now shows more detailed platform info. Improved support for variable slice spacing and variable timing. DICOM folders can now be opened from the command-line using the 'mango' command.

Cleaned up look-and-feel and window issues across platforms. Better Windows 7 support. Image calculator expression window will now expand for longer expressions.

Other minor fixes and changes. Minor improvements to surface line editing. Fixed bug causing selection box to ignore ROI points in coronal and sagittal views. Added Change Render Mode option to the file menu of the surface viewer Windows only.

This will allow the user to switch between OpenGL and DirectX mode for surface rendering -- depending on OS and hardware configuration, one may provide better support over the other. Fixed bug causing Image Browser to list non-image files.

If none are of the current color, all are selected. Added ROI selection box is a website dedicated to unveil hidden and secret Mac OS X Features. Provide your Mac with additional features.

Are you a Python hacker? This is a scattered list of patterns, tools, and conventions that I have found useful and thought were worth sharing. It is not a tutorial, though excellent ones exist.. Data structures. It may be different to the one shown depending on your Mac OS version (the screenshot is taken from Max OS X Do a batch conversion opens a Browser window in convert mode..

Create a new image opens an empty image window whose size you can specify in a dialog.2). Electronics PDA Disadvantages. A PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant, is a portable, hand-held electronic device that is popularly used to communicate on the move. (1, 2) The sqlite3 module is not built with loadable extension support by default, because some platforms (notably Mac OS X) have SQLite libraries which are compiled without this feature.

To get loadable extension support, you must modify and remove the line that sets SQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION.

mac os x defaults write array to csv

Oct 09,  · 10 of the Best Defaults Write Commands to Improve Mac OS X Oct 9, - 28 Comments Most Mac OS X preferences are managed through easily accessible control panels, but going behind the scenes with defaults write commands can lead to some genuinely useful tweaks that can only be made through the command line.