Micro analysis film essay

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Micro analysis film essay

Micro- Analysis of a film extract: There is soft diegetic music coming from the church organs, signifying a calm and peaceful day for the family. The organ music then becomes lower throughout the next few scenes starting with the tracking shot on Peter Clemenza, who is carrying a suspicious square shaped package towards his car.

The priest is then preparing the baby to be accepted by God, which determines the fact that the Corleone Family have a deep faith within their religion. In the next shot we see a barber who is also preparing a man, but this time in the form of having a shave.

Barzini, assumed by Michael, is the main plotter of the ordered assassination on his brother Santino. It is a statement of power and also how power itself has now consumed Michael.

And do you believe in the Holy Ghost of the Catholic Church? The priest at this stage is preaching in Italian which is dubbed over the visuals we see. Next door to one of the leaders. There is another cut to the church, as we see another close up of the baby and a long shot of the congregation, but we hear the soft organ music mixing in with the low organ music which is symbolizing that good things are happening in the church whilst there are bad things occurring outside of the ceremony.

The enforcer who was last at the barbers is still smoking his cigarette as he reaches a set of stairs. Peter Clemenza is seen reaching the top of his set of stairs still carrying the mysterious package, showing signs of relief that he can now proceed with the killing.

In this shot we see Green getting a massage. We now experience some signs of parallel action used by Coppola, between the baptism and the murders. We then see another enforcer entering the massage parlour, Moe Green is then seen putting on his glasses in wonder of who it is, but unfortunately for Green he has now payed dearly for his disrespect towards Michael and is then shot in the eye through one of the lenses of his glasses with the loud organs as it crescendos within this shot.

This is again followed by another close up on Michael, showing that each time we see a killing, we immediately know who its refers to because of the use of close ups on Michael.

Micro analysis film essay

Another enforcer is seen putting out his cigarette and showing that he is ready and then climbs up the stairs.

While doing this Michael is expressing towards us that he becoming a lot more ruthless and has now shown his acceptance of his new Godfather status in his own unique way.

To the audience, he is showing that he is relieving himself of his sins, making him feel as if his faith in his religion has saved him from death himself.HOW TO WRITE A FILM ESSAY Introduction Paragraph • State the title and director of the film.

• Use words from the question to outline the topic of the essay. Film analysis essays writing your micro essay film analysis essay Eating disorders essay a good essay thesis eating disorders essay eating disorders essay fifth grade essay film analysis essay co HD Image of Film analysis essays writing your micro essay film analysis essay.

(ii) Micro analysis of a film sequence (20) AO2: Explore, respond to and evaluate a range of films and topics, including their own preproduction and production work, using key film .

The film chosen for industry research and micro analysis must not be a superhero film. The same film must form the basis of the industry research and the micro analysis.

Feb 24,  · The whole scene has a phantasmagorical quality to it, only breaking off into real-world territory when our protagonist, E.T., separates from the group and wanders off through the forest. Micro-analysis Essay. Name: _____ Mrs Layas Year 12 Film Studies Coursework Shows a basic ability to identify and describe elements of micro features of film (‘That’s a close up, there is a panning shot there, he uses the soundtrack to make it tense’) but is likely to be general rather than specific and may get it wrong.

Film Studies: Micro-Analysis Essay