Robert shaps dissertation

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Robert shaps dissertation

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An examination of the dissertation and the sources it cites identified more than a dozen sections of text that have been lifted, with little to no changes, from other scholarly works Robert shaps dissertation proper attribution. In some instances, Crowley footnoted her source but did not identify with quotation marks the text she was copying directly.

In other instances, she copied text or heavily paraphrased with no attribution at all. Despite the news, the Trump team continues to support the appointment. The transition team did not reply to requests for comment for this story.

Determining and Preserving Grand Strategy: Today, the thesis is kept on microfilm at the University of Michigan and accessible via ProQuest, an academic database. By checking passages in the document against the sources Crowley cites, focusing on paragraphs that come before and after footnotes of key sources in her bibliography, we found numerous structural and syntactic similarities.

She lifted passages from her footnoted texts, occasionally making slight wording changes but rarely using quotation marks. Parts of Crowley's dissertation appear to violate Columbia's definition of "Unintentional Plagiarism" for "failure to 'quote' or block quote author's exact words, even if documented" or "failure to paraphrase in your own words, even if documented.

Both Gaddis and Christensen declined to comment.

Robert shaps dissertation

Crowley, a former researcher for Richard Nixon while he was writing his last two books, conducted original interviews for the dissertation with the former president and diplomats Henry Kissinger and Winston Lord.

Strategic Thinkers and Actors. Betts, declined to comment, as did Columbia University, which has previously rescinded at least one Ph. Crowley was previously accused of plagiarism in when a reader in California noticed similarities between a Wall Street Journal column she wrote and a Paul Johnson piece in Commentary.

Below are several of the most notable examples of plagiarism we found. As new events occur or objective conditions change, they are interpreted by political leaders and experts, and the ends and means are reevaluated.

Eric Larson, Casualties and Consensus: Such a model, engendering both normative and pragmatic considerations, clearly has a great deal of intuitive appeal, but why should we believe that this is what is at work?

First, as a practical matter, U. Second, a focus on the particular objectives of the operation and the perceptions of the principles and interests that are engaged establishes a connection between the objectives of a given operation and the larger purposes it is promoting.

As Gaddis points out, the Johnson administration decided not to respond with a corresponding military buildup for three main reasons: The Johnson administration decided not to respond with a corresponding American buildup, partly because it underestimated the extent of what the Russians were doing, partly because McNamara had become convinced that the point of diminishing returns in American strategic programs had been reached, but partly also because the mushrooming costs of the Vietnsam War made the administration reluctant to go to Congress with requests for expensive new systems to counter Soviet increases.

An area specialist would be at an advantage over the generalist in applying the model to particular cases, though both benefit from the parsimony inherent in the model.

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Thomas Christensen, Useful Adversaries, p. To complete this task, one needs to do archival research, sometimes in a foreign language. All of these demands privilege the area expert over the generalist in applying the mobilization model to particular cases.

At the end of the paragraph this passage is in, she footnotes Christensen for a quote, but does not cite him for the ideas or text expressed above the quote Perceiving fundamental changes in the international balance of power, Truman in and Mao in decided to mobilize their nations around newly-designed long-term strategies to respond to those shifts and to preempt any resulting negative consequence.

The apparently undesirable move of manipulating or prolonging a short-term conflict with another nation then became useful in rallying and maintaining public support for the basic grand strategy. In both cases the strategies adopted required significant public sacrifice in peacetime, so the leaders faced difficulties in selling those strategies to their respective publics.

The manipulation or extension of short-term conflict with the other nation, while not desirable on straightforward international or domestic grounds, became useful in gaining and maintaining public support for the core grand strategy.The dissertation, like much of the writing you have already done for your program, is formulaic.

Robert shaps dissertation

What we mean is that there is a clear structure; each chapter in the dissertation serves a specific function, and within each chapter are predictable sections that also have specific functions.


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