Sarah vowell the wordy shipmates thesis

Vowell earned a B. She received the Music Journalism Award in

Sarah vowell the wordy shipmates thesis

The mixture makes her both proudly pointy-headed and forever entertaining. But what do you think peoplereally mean by that, and is it in any way related to our actual Puritan heritage?

Generally, Americans call ourselves a Puritan nation as a lazy way of saying that as a culture we are sexually repressed.

Were they really such killjoys in general? I do briefly mention the fact that the Puritans were bully for marital sex because they felt God invented it. And I discuss, also briefly, the marriages of my two main characters, John Winthrop and Roger Williams. As for the killjoy thing, these were not the most lighthearted figures in American history.

My real answer to these two question is another question. Also, to a person who loves not just ideas but ideas being hashed out and argued over and dissected, witnessing the Puritans of Boston bickering with and banishing each other is, I think, kind of a joy.

The short answer is their absolute obsession with reading, dissecting, and discussing the Bible meant that a book was the center of their lives. The long answer is that the people who settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the so-called Great Migration between and were mostly highly educated, frequently scholarly people.

Many of them had degrees from Cambridge. Some Puritans were like some evangelical Christians—and all dangerous people—in that they believed, they knew, they were right. This is not true. The Puritans were much more intellectual. Trust me, I just spent years trying to decipher their abstract and brainy theological texts.

Sarah vowell the wordy shipmates thesis

The Puritans privileged the text of the Bible and scholarly theological expertise and just education in general above all else, above religious emotion, above personal experience.

In fact, part of my book is about the trial of Anne Hutchinson. This was blasphemy to the Puritans—way too emotional. Plus, Hutchinson was just a homeschooled woman.

To the Cambridge-educated patriarchy of Boston, the fact that Hutchinson was preaching in her home without any proper theological training was a travesty.

And the fact that she was so influential, as well as witty and logical during her trial, made said patriarchs get cracking on building Harvard University so their sons and future ministers learned Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and were well grounded in proper theology so that if any more self-taught spiritual pied pipers came along, the sons and ministers could crush them in debate.

But charity and generosity and selflessness were not what the Reagan years were about. Just the opposite of course. Reagan just chose to ignore the fine print—a very American thing to do.

Americans tend to accentuate the positive. We get snowed by cheerful advertising.Sarah Vowell writes history with the voices of humor and irony. The Wordy Shipmates is highly entertaining while it clearly draws out modern similarities and points out various repercussions and misrepresentations in todays society.

I found the book to be equally enjoyable and informative. Vowell's earlier book, The Wordy Shipmates (), analyzes the settlement of the New England Puritans in America and their contributions to American history.

Her book Assassination Vacation () describes a road trip to tourist sites devoted to the murders of presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. The Wordy Shipmates. By Sarah Vowell.

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Riverhead; pages; $ Something has gone wrong about two-thirds of the way through the literary voyage of Sarah Vowell. And yet, "The Wordy Shipmates" is less fun than it should be. Vowell has been ill advised by either her publisher or herself to forgo chaptering, leaving "Shipmates" longwinded.

Nov 30,  · Sarah Vowell is a problem. She’s a problem like Sarah Palin, Cyndi Lauper and Kathy Griffin.

This item: The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell Paperback $ Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Sold by Everyday Low Prices Co. and ships from Amazon Fulfillment/5(). And yet, "The Wordy Shipmates" is less fun than it should be. Vowell has been ill advised by either her publisher or herself to forgo chaptering, leaving "Shipmates" longwinded. The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell In this New York Times bestseller, the author of Lafayette in the Somewhat United States "brings the [Puritan] era wickedly to life" (Washington Post). To this day, America views itself as a Puritan nation, but Sarah Vowell 4/5(70).

She’s annoying. Or, really, she’s double-annoying, because she styles herself as annoying. Sarah Vowell is one of my favorite writers. She writes in such a way that makes history fun and interesting, even if you haven't studied it since high school.

Sarah vowell the wordy shipmates thesis

THE WORDY SHIPMATES continues this trend. It focuses on the Puritans, the wave of settlers to Massachusetts who followed the Pilgrims.

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