Temporary architecture thesis

The following is meant for Nicola Toomey and Frida Bagel. What you are looking for is our main topic of architecture for about 30 years:

Temporary architecture thesis

Temporary architecture thesis

It aims to investigate the concept of organic metabolism, using modular system to enable gradual growth or future expansion in order to deal with housing shortage. In addition, creating an integration of basic living condition for collective life experience and additional plug in shared communal facilities in order to generate a new form of decent refugee living, forming an instant community.

Ideally, to blur the uncertainties and also both tangible and intangible borders or boundaries between different cultures. HISTORY Back in the s, with the rise in theoretical concern of urbanism towards an utopia, the New Babylon theory by Constant Nieuwenhuys promotes a future utopian city that collects alternative life experiences.

All these collective basic utilities can be linked and formed a transformable megastructure in order to generate social spatiality. The group experimented with modular technology, mobility through environment and space capsules.

On the other hand, the utopian futuristic idea of collective life experience is further expanded through an interconnected approach to new residential typology with multiple communal spots in The Interlace, a residential complex in Singapore by OMA.

These factual issues blur the original definition of temporary and permanent architecture. Therefore, this thesis is designed for temporary fuctions within, it can be diversed that shifting programs through time, suggesting a high level of flexibility and mobility.

The main terminal building is hexagonal- shaped with an inner open square for vehicle drop off. The boarding gates are allocated outside the hexagonal rim which all programs are efficiently decentralized.

However, the airport is scheduled to be closed due to the completion of the new city airport.

Temporary architecture thesis

Therefore, by adapting reuse this left over land, the existing main hexagonal structure contains great potential for an architectural metabolism, a strong sense of infinite practicality which suggests future expansion if needed.

Moreover, the idea of decentralization can also be adapted by inserting different plug- in shared facilities in order to generate a new form of collective community through density, functionality and flexibility in responses to the instant rise in population.

Step 1 — Analytical Research A series of demographic datas will be carried out, such as development of population and influx of immigration, under a timeline in order to draw a future scenario or trend.

Furthermore, mapping of the current refugee movement and related facilities provided by the local government in a broader scale to understand the requirement and location for the new intervention.

Step 3 — Development of Design due Review 02 Master plan will be represented in drawings and physical models Scale 1: Final refinement will be made based on the feedback in Review TEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE: THE SERPENTINE GALLERY PAVILIONS.

Tunçbilek, Gonca Zeynep. heartoftexashop.com, Department of Architecture. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ayşen Savaş.

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September , pages. This thesis is a critical inquiry into conceptualizations of the term ‘temporality’ in architectural discourse. Architecture MArch Design Thesis Project. PRIMEART is a cultural and architectural regeneration of the former Odeon Building in the East Pilgrim Street Development Area, Newcastle.

The project will provide the opportunity for the arts and the audience to work and play in an experimental ‘palace’ of art, community and exchange. Thesis: Temporary architecture I'm in my final year of architecture in Brooklyn, NY and I'm starting a thesis on Temporary Architecture that originated from the study of .


potentials for implementing temporary architecture through an authorized perspective. Methodology This thesis is based on literature studies and qualitative interviews and were chosen as methods in order to answer and reflect the research questions.

The literature study as a method was given since this thesis is based on a publication. Recommended Citation.

The Ephemeral Effect: Temporary Architecture as Urban Catalyst by Margaret Jackson - Issuu

Guldner, Erika, "Regenerative Refugee Housing: Creating Temporary Housing with Low Environmental Impact" (). Architecture Thesis Prep. I am currently doing my thesis on temporary architecture, basically folding settlements and commercial structures for use during the kumbh festival in Haridwar.

One of the immediate examples is the structure at the Hajj Terminal in Mecca.

Investigating temporary architecture(s)