Writing out numbers in a paper

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Writing out numbers in a paper

In-sentence lists Use these guidelines for in-sentence lists: Use a colon to introduce the list items only if a complete sentence precedes the list. In this problem version, the colon breaks right into the middle of a sentence how dare it! For this project, you need: For this project, you need tape, scissors, and white-out.

Use both opening and closing parentheses on the list item numbers or letters: Use either regular Arabic numbers or lowercase letters within the parentheses, but use them consistently. Do not punctuate either with periods.

Use lowercase for the text of in-sentence lists items, except when regular capitalization rules require caps. Punctuate the in-sentence list items with commas if they are not complete sentences; with semicolons, if they are complete sentences. Use the same spacing for in-sentence lists as in regular non-list text.

Make the in-sentence list occur at the end of the sentence. Never place an in-sentence list introduced by a colon anywhere but at the end of the sentence, as in this example: The following items are needed for this project: Examples of in-sentence lists.

Simple vertical lists Use these guidelines for simple vertical lists: Introduce the list with a lead-in phrase or clause the lead-in need not be a complete sentence; the list items can complete the grammar started by the lead-in.

Punctuate the lead-in with a colon. Use simple vertical lists when the list items do not need to be emphasized and are listed vertically merely for ease of reading.


Use sentence-style capitalization on list items. Begin run-over lines under the text of the list item, not the regular left margin.

Writing out numbers in a paper

This format is called the hanging-indent style. Use the equivalent of a blank line above and below vertical lists. Either start list items flush left or indent them no more than half an inch. Use "compact" list format if you have just a few list items only a single line each.

Writing out numbers in a paper

In the compact format, there is no vertical space between list items. Use a "loose" format—vertical space between list items—if the list items are multiple lines long. Punctuate list items only if they are complete sentences or verb phrases that complete the sentence begun by the lead-in and use periods in these two cases.

Watch out for lists with more than 6 or 8 list items; for long lists, look for ways to subdivide or consolidate. When possible, omit articles a, an, the from the beginning of non-sentence list items.

Example of a simple vertical list. No numbers or bullets.

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Bulleted lists Use these guidelines for bulleted lists: Use bulleted lists when the list items are in no necessary order but you want to emphasize the items in the list.

Use asterisks or hyphens if you have no access to an actual bullet.Numbers are always written in plain text, there is a space after the number and prior to the unit, and never a period after the unit (unless it ends a sentence).

Do not include commas in longer numbers (e.g., km, not 1, km). Writing Numbers Except for a few basic rules, spelling out numbers vs.

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using figures (also called numerals) is largely a matter of writers' preference. Again, consistency is the key. When writing for the web, write all your numbers with digits, not letters.

For example: Write 25, not ‘twenty-five’. This is because users scan web pages for facts, and . Reading your paper out loud has a lot of benefits, but it presents a few challenges, too.

One issue is that a lot depends on how you read. It is very easy to read too quickly or to let your brain automatically “smooth over” mistakes, fill in missing words, and make little corrections without you ever becoming consciously aware that it’s. essays on motivation?

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